Several of our previous blogs have focused on why it is important to “Build Green”. Not only is it good for the planet but it saves money spent on energy and water, causes fewer building materials to wind up in landfills, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and produces quality construction for a longer lasting home that’s less expensive to maintain.

A Green Point label rating occurs when a home is proven to be built or remodeled according to proven environmental standards. Having a Green Point rating can increase your home’s value, save on emissions, and serves as proof that your home is a healthier, comfortable and more energy efficient place to live. 

One of the historic reasons people move to the Bay Area is for the majestic redwoods, endless hiking, the Pacific Ocean, and vast amount of outdoor activities. San Francisco has the Presidio, and Golden Gate Park that provide a ton of nature hiking and adventures, museums, and bike riding. Marin houses some of the most beautiful Redwood Forests like Muir Woods. Further North in Napa and Sonoma rolling hills provide the perfect backdrop to wine country. It makes sense to get your home Green Point labeled to fit in with all of the nature up here, and I can assure you your community will thank you for it! With our expert Owner’s Representative, Richard Wodehouse, West Coast Project Management Inc. can help ensure your home meets the criteria for a Green Point rating.

Find out more about getting your home Green Point labeled here. 

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