Since 1982, Richard Wodehouse and Wodehouse Builders have received 14 honor and merit awards from the American Institute of Architects for various projects, the 2000 Builder of the Year Award from Colorado Association of Homebuilders, and the 1999 Pacesetter Award for Innovation.


Nelson Residence

2006 Featured in Mountain House and Home

2005 Featured in Estates West Home for the Holidays

2003 Featured in Western Interiors October edition

Karp Residence

2005 Featured in My House in the Mountain States

Frazier Homestead

2005 Featured in Luxe the Colorado Home Redefined

Cohen Residence

2005 Featured in Luxe the Colorado Home Redefined

Nelson, Karp, Frazier Residence

2005 Featured in Mountain Homestyle

Frazier Homestead

2001 Gold Nugget Award for “Best in the West”

2000 Builder Of The Year

Colorado Association of Homebuilders 

Richard Wodehouse

1999 Pacesetter Award for Innovation

Published in Custom Home Magazine

Johnson Residence

1999 Cobra Award (Colorado’s Best in Residential Architecture)

Published in Colorado Homes & Lifestyles Magazine

Powell Residence

Winner of 1998 AIA Colorado Architect’s Choice Award and AIA Colorado Architect’s Honor Award

Featured in Mountain Living Magazine and The Rocky Mountain News.

Jacobson Residence

Awarded the 1997 Mountain Home Award -1st Place

Published in Mountain Living Magazine

Silver Trestle Building

Awarded 1995 Architectural Excellence Award for Outstanding Achievement- Colorado Masonry Design

Rocky Mountain Masonry Institute & AIA Plunge Landing

Feature article in Architectural Record, May 1994

Client Feedback

{In response to a complex remodel situation regarding my home in Belvedere, I hired Richard to act as an Owner’s Project Manager to oversee the contractor. Ultimately, I asked Richard to take over the general contractors’s job. Not only did he work through the complexities of the construction, he actually improved the entire project. Doing construction work in Southern Marin can have numerous challenges, Richard was very effective in dealing with all of them.
William, Belvedere
{Your careful attention to my home allows me to give my full attention to all the meditation students as I am doing this entire 4 weeks. Therefore, you are serving these students just as am I, each of us in our own skill sets. It is a beautiful thought isn’t it. In Buddhism we call it either co-arising or interdependence, meaning everything and people are interconnected.
Phillip, Belvedere
{By the way, Jennifer and I have been delighted with your management of the project to date.
Gordon, Tiburon
{Richard was the general contractor for the renovation of our home in Belvedere. Richard did a fantastic job working with the quirks of the house; he was inventive in his solutions and you can see his craftsmanship everywhere in the final results. One of the most significant changes we ended up making — raising the ceilings in the kitchen — came directly from his suggestion. He was also a delight to work with; we were on a tight schedule but also kept tweaking our plans, and he handled it all with good cheer and responsiveness. We love how the house turned out, and we have Richard to thank for that.
Steven, Belvedere
{We hired Richard as an Owner’s Construction Project Manager for a renovation/expansion project at our home in Tiburon in Marin County that was rapidly spinning out of control. You know that part in the movie, Pulp Fiction where John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson get in trouble, make a phone call and the ‘Wolf’ gets sent over to clean up the mess? For a home construction project, Richard is the Wolf.
James, Tiburon
{We hired Richard as Owner’s Construction Project Manager for a major renovation of our newly purchased home in Marin County. In order to get the job done in the six-week period we gave him, he also acted as the general contractor. Richard performed all the work exceptionally well, on time, and under budget, allowing us to move into our beautiful home on the initially agreed upon date.
Michele, Tiburon

about richard wodehouse

My role as the Owner’s Project Manager’s is to provide guidance and information to eliminate uncertainties, and ensure the owner’s best interests are at the heart of every decision made.





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