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I am Richard Wodehouse, owner of West Coast Project Management Inc. I am an expert Residential Construction Project Manager / Owner’s Representative based in Marin County, California. I help homeowners enjoy a successful, stress free experience in the building of their projects in the San Francisco Bay Area including Marin, Sonoma, and Napa to the north.

I do this by applying the experience and knowledge gained in 45 years of building fine structures. The savings I create with my budget and schedule oversight will eliminate delays, change orders, and cost overruns. These savings more than cover the cost of my involvement, plus give you the assurance of having a construction expert on your side. My current projects in the San Francisco Bay area are in Contra Costa, Napa/Sonoma, and Marin.


Client Feedback

Lester Rosen

Unless you have years of expertise in construction, if you are going to build or re-model, I would strongly recommend that your first call be to Richard Wodehouse.  As an owners representative, you have a friend in the construction industry.

Collin- Home Owner

He created a platform for clear and continuous communication, a process based on best practices for repairing the contractors errors and then used his resources/relationships to get the correct people on site to resolve the issues. Keep in mind, this was during a time when most tradespeople were in incredibly high demand.


Having you involved has been incredibly helpful, and I just wanted to let you know how grateful we are for your help in getting this project
back on track.

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When the General Contractor Isn’t Working

In the fall of 2018, we encountered serious issues with our GC who was overcharging and submitting illegal change orders on the big home remodel project in San Francisco. Luckily, we found Richard Wodehouse who brought his extensive expertise in the construction business and a spark of humor to this process. We ended up terminating our relationship with the GC in the middle of the framing stage when no other GCs wanted to take responsibility for other contractor’s mistakes.

However, with Richard’s help and under his supervision we were able to hire a crew to finish framing and streamline the process of subcontracting for the interior work. Additionally, he gave us guidance on structural issues, framing, and waterproofing. Without doubt, Richard’s role in getting our project back on track can not be overstated. He even helped us to restore our faith in the profession.

-WCPM Client, July 9, 2019

Residential construction management is a complex endeavor.

Some of the benefits of having West Coast Project Management Inc. as your construction Owner’s Project Manager:


  • Counseling on your contract negotiations with general contractors, subs, and architects from an expert that has been involved in literally hundreds of contracts
  • Confidence that your budget and schedule are being monitored by a knowledgeable building professional
  • A shorter construction time due to proper prior planning
  • Cost savings due to mistakes being averted ahead of time
  • Peace of mind so you can concentrate on your normal life




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