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For over 45 years as a General Contractor helping owners
in the role of Owner’s Project Manager.


  • Ensure there is a realistic budget that encompasses all costs both soft (design, engineering, permits), and hard (construction).
  • Ascertain whether the developing design matches the budget and advise accordingly
  • Create a preliminary schedule for the entire process from design to move-in
  • Offer suggestions on products that may enhance the performance of the home
  • Manage communications, ensure everyone is working towards the same goals.
  • To ensure optimum payments from insurance settlements.
  • If best for the project hire and manage our own crews and subcontractors.

During construction

  • Manage communications, ensure RFIs (Requests For Information) are concluded
  • Review requests for payment and change orders
  • Monitor schedule and alert appropriate team members of upcoming tasks
  • Administrate weekly meetings
  • Resolve conflicts before they become problematic (I am a certified mediator)
  • Manage building or re-building of homes / Wineries / Large structures after disasters such as fire
  • Manage general contractors, subs and materials

Close out phase

  • Monitor and offer advice on final payments and release of retained payments
  • Ensure you receive all appropriate lien releases and warranties
  • Create an Owner’s Operating Manual to help in the future control and maintenance of systems

Client Feedback

{We encountered serious issues with our GC who was overcharging and submitting illegal change orders on the big home remodel project in San Francisco. Luckily, we found Richard Wodehouse who brought his extensive expertise in the construction business and a spark of humor to this process. We ended up terminating our relationship with the GC in the middle of the framing stage when no other GC’s wanted to take responsibility for other contractor’s mistakes. However, with Richard’s help and under his supervision, we were able to hire a crew to finish framing and streamline the process of subcontracting for the interior work. Additionally, he gave us guidance on structural issues, framing, and waterproofing. Without doubt, Richard’s role in getting our project back on track cannot be overstated. He even helped us to restore our faith in the profession.
Olga, San Francisco
{Richard was the general contractor for the renovation of our home in Belvedere. Richard did a fantastic job working with the quirks of the house; he was inventive in his solutions and you can see his craftsmanship everywhere in the final results. One of the most significant changes we ended up making — raising the ceilings in the kitchen — came directly from his suggestion. He was also a delight to work with; we were on a tight schedule but also kept tweaking our plans, and he handled it all with good cheer and responsiveness. We love how the house turned out, and we have Richard to thank for that.
Steven, Belvedere
{We have worked with Richard on multiple projects. He is overseeing a substantial house remodel in Sonoma for us, acting as our owner’s representative in dealing with all contractors, architects, and other service providers. He has dramatically improved the quality of the project, reduced the cost, and given us great ideas about how to improve the project. Richard also got our new “old house” in Belvedere into move-in condition. He oversaw all inspections and enhancements, found the right people to do work at reasonable prices, and even did some of the work himself to get it right. He has become an important part of our lives!
Hollie, Belvedere
{Our architect recommended against hiring a construction manager saying we didn’t need it for “such a small project” (single family home renovation). Some time later, when we found ourselves almost a million dollars over our original budget, I called Richard again. If only we had him on board from the beginning, we would have realized that the budget was significantly underestimated and we could have changed course before the architectural plans were finalized. I regret not having Richard on the team from the beginning. Richard then helped us transition to owner-builders and taught me a few things in the process. I now know what’s involved in waterproofing a shower pan and I can speak confidently about left-hand versus right-hand door swings. Having Richard on your project is like having insurance against things going wrong.
Kirstin, Sausalito
{When I was unable to make any progress with a difficult contractor during a large project, Richard was a strong mediator who created a new communication channel and an agreeable plan to move forward. His construction expertise also challenged incorrect assumptions by the contractor, which resulted in a job that was completed to code and high industry standards. I wish that I knew Richard at the beginning of the project, as I would have avoided the issues and stress that he had to address at the end.
Kristine, Sonoma

about richard wodehouse

My role as the Owner’s Project Manager’s is to provide guidance and information to eliminate uncertainties, and ensure the owner’s best interests are at the heart of every decision made.




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