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What West Coast Project Management Inc. does


As a construction project manager in Marin County, the San Francisco Bay Area and Napa and Sonoma counties I will become an integral part of your team. As your home Owner’s Representative, I will oversee the entire process. The amount of time I spend on each project is flexible and can be determined by you the owner. I charge an hourly fee.

Though it’s best to have a home construction project manager throughout the process, there are three distinct stages during which I can help you:


  • Ensure there is a realistic budget that encompasses all costs both soft (design, engineering, permits), and hard (construction).
  • Ascertain whether the developing design matches the budget and advise accordingly
  • Create a preliminary schedule for the entire process from design to move-in
  • Offer suggestions on products that may enhance the performance of the home
  • Manage communications, ensure everyone is working towards the same goals.
  • To ensure optimum payments from insurance settlements.
  • If best for the project hire and manage our own crews and subcontractors.

During construction

  • Manage communications, ensure RFIs (Requests For Information) are concluded
  • Review requests for payment and change orders
  • Monitor schedule and alert appropriate team members of upcoming tasks
  • Administrate weekly meetings
  • Resolve conflicts before they become problematic (I am a certified mediator)
  • Manage building or re-building of homes / Wineries / Large structures after disasters such as fire
  • Manage general contractors, subs and materials

Close out phase

  • Monitor and offer advice on final payments and release of retained payments
  • Ensure you receive all appropriate lien releases and warranties
  • Create an Owner’s Operating Manual to help in the future control and maintenance of systems

about richard wodehouse

My role as the Owner’s Project Manager’s is to provide guidance and information to eliminate uncertainties, and ensure the owner’s best interests are at the heart of every decision made.





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