With 45 years of experience as a builder Richard Woodhouse of West Coast project management can be of great value to HOAs in handling construction related issues. Identifying problems, knowing how to fix them, and what is an appropriate cost is quickly quantified.

Forty-five years of dealing with contractors equips Richard with the knowledge and skills to properly manage any construction related project.

From repairs, to major improvements and new construction, your HOA will have a knowledgeable expert on your side.

Here is a partial list of ways we can help HOAs Manage maintenance and improvements: 
(For new construction projects see the Project Management page in this website)

  • Identify problems: such as locating Water Intrusion
  • Assessment and knowledge of appropriate work needed to address problems
  • Knowledge of who specializes in the work needed
  • Knowledge of what reasonable costs should be for this work
  • What type of a skills or trade is required to do specific work
  • Prioritizing work to be done to fit with budget and scheduling restraints
  • Budgeting and preparing reports for membership meetings
  • Knowledge of and established relationships with regional inspectors
  • Scheduling and monitoring ongoing maintenance and inspections
  • Meet requirements of Davis-Stirling Act

References of work with previous and existing HOAs upon request

about richard wodehouse

My role as the Owner’s Project Manager’s is to provide guidance and information to eliminate uncertainties, and ensure the owner’s best interests are at the heart of every decision made.





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