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As a residential construction project manager in Marin, Sonoma, Napa and beyond, I help make the architects process more efficient by running a well-managed construction project.

  • I will ensure that your firm always has the final say in any and all decisions affecting design.
  • I can facilitate your work by providing information on the most effective products based on current building science.
  • I can provide information on realistic scheduling and sequencing of trades for your project.
  • I can provide my own preliminary cost estimates or review and consult on those submitted by others.

Client Feedback

{Your contribution has made my job (and life) a lot easier and positively impacted the project by keeping us moving forward in a timely fashion. The work you’ve been doing to get us this close to contractor selection has been key in allowing us any chance to meet our desired timeline. I agree with Doug’s statement that having you as an available consultant as we move forward could be advantageous to the project…. Again, thank you for all of your efforts!
John McCoy AIA, Sausalito
{You have been invaluable! Thank you. We are grateful for all your work. We have appreciated every bit of your knowledge. The meeting yesterday was fantastic!
Mill Valley, WCPM Client,
{Thanks so much for being here for us during this tumultuous time with our Sonoma construction project. I appreciate your level headed and fair minded approach to the situation.
Ralph, Sonoma
Mill Valley, WCPM Client,
{You did a great job in managing this project and Sue, she seems very pleased. The timing and various contractors, your experience shows.
John Merten, Studio Green
Mill Valley, WCPM Client,
{My husband and I both feel we owe Richard a deserving review for all that he’s done to help us with our home renovation project. Richard, in his very calm and systematic way, asked us to trust him which we agreed. We are in a much happier place now and would have NEVER gotten to this point had we not hired Richard.
WCPM Client
Mill Valley, WCPM Client,
{Polsky Perlstein Architects worked closely with Richard Wodehouse to construct substantial improvements to a home that involved transforming it into a beautiful contemporary residence. Richard was adept in providing the level of care necessary to ensure a beautiful finished product. We recommend Richard as a highly skilled project manager and problem-solver.
Polsky Perlstein Architects
Mill Valley, WCPM Client,

about richard wodehouse

My role as the Owner’s Project Manager’s is to provide guidance and information to eliminate uncertainties, and ensure the owner’s best interests are at the heart of every decision made.





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