At West Coast Project Management Inc. we like to consider our and our client’s carbon footprint at every step of the building process. With a earth conscious Project Manager or Owner’s Representative, you can be confident that your custom home comes with the latest technology in home conservation. In the Bay Area, with the Oakland hills, the redwoods in Marin County, the rolling wine hills of Sonoma and Napa county we love to be as earth friendly as we can to help maintain and blend into the nature that surrounds us.

Earth Conscious

We are Earth Conscious in the Bay Area

To help you build your custom home and assist in other projects here is Building Green’s top 10 Products for 2020:

Alpen High Performance Products: Alpen ThinGlass Triple and Quad
Alpen’s ThinGlass Triple is so thin it can be used in place of standard double-pane windows.

CalPlant: CalPlant MDF
Agfiber is making a strong comeback, with a formaldehyde-free MDF that performs better than wood-based products.

ChargePoint, Inc.: Smart Charging Stations
ChargePoint offers electric vehicle charging systems engineered to accommodate a variety of EVs, using software to optimize the experience.

CL-Talon: CL-Talon 300
CL-Talon 300 incorporates thermal breaks throughout its cladding system and includes an innovative framework that speeds installation.

Duracyl International, Inc.: Corques Liquid Lino
CLL uses the same natural ingredients found in standard linoleum—but in a fluid-applied form that takes less carbon to produce and less time to install.

EP Henry and Solidia Technologies: ECO Bristol Stone with Solidia
ECO Bristol Stone pavers are the first commercially available products made from Solidia cement, whose manufacturing creates significantly fewer greenhouse gases and uses less water.

Hanging Gardens: Smart Blue Roof Stormwater Systems
This product not only stores water on rooftops but also communicates with other systems to become part of a site-specific or municipal stormwater system.

Johnson Controls: YORK YZ Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chiller
Did you know that refrigerants are the single worst contributor to global warming? This chiller is the first to be optimized for use with a next-generation refrigerant with a global warming potential (GWP) of only 1.

R-50 Insulation Systems, LLC: Rich-E-Board
Rich-E-Board encloses vacuum insulation in a protective layer to push the limits of thermal insulation, achieving R-50 in a 1.5″-thick panel.

USG Corporation: USG Sheetrock Brand EcoSmart Panels
Standard gypsum’s carbon footprint is bigger than you think. Using EcoSmart as a drop-in replacement can reduce embodied carbon without requiring any other changes to the building.

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