Are You an Owner?

Building a new home can be a complex endeavor, and truly overwhelming for those that do not have experience. Navigating through all of the demands and decision making required is a big task. Without someone in the role of CEO or captain of a ship directing, coordinating and controlling everyone’s efforts, things can go awry (as you have probably heard), and all too often they do.

With a knowledgeable construction expert on your side you can have an efficient, cost effective and stress free experience. Through proper owner’s representation (AKA project management) you not only save money by avoiding costly mistakes and misdirected efforts, but enjoy peace of mind and the confidence that your project is under control.

 Continue your life while building a custom home

Managing communications between all of the team members is a big factor and often this is when things go awry. No matter how complete the plans are, a custom home requires a multitude of decisions along the way — most of them with a short time limit. Lack of quick response to RFIs (Requests For Information) can create future change orders, as well as extend the overall project schedule. Managing these communications, making decisions, and ensuring that all selections are made with adequate lead time is a big responsibility. It can take a huge toll on your life as the owner. Hiring an experienced owner’s representative allows you to continue your own life.

Decades of expertise when you need it

Yes, it is possible to have an enjoyable and predictable experience building your home, by hiring West Coast Project Management as your owner’s representative/project manager.

I have found it preferable to homeowners to charge by the hour, because then I can be involved as much — or as little — as your specific project demands, and at crucial times during the construction process. Within three months of my involvement you will see that I have saved you considerably more than the relatively minor cost of my fees.

To see specifics of what I can do for you in my role as owner’s representative, see my what I do section.